About Us

Jouln is a joint venture of Oakhouse Software and BetaTeach. By combining Oakhouse Software’s technology with BetaTeach’s expert knowledge of the energy sector, we specialise in digital services for energy efficiency. Our main product, the Radiator Heat Output Survey Tool (RHOST), uses image technology and AI to identify the power output of radiators at different water and room temperatures. In addition to this, it also:

  • Helps customers find good heating engineers
  • Helps good engineers stand out from the rest & win trusting customers
  • Helps engineers and customers understand current best practices
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Helping Customers Find Good Heating Engineers

Customers have a difficult task recognising a competent engineer to install an efficient heating system: one which runs as cheaply as possible.  RHOST can help you find a good engineer in two ways:

  1. If your engineer uses RHOST, then it’s likely that they understand the good practices used in heating design for boiler and heat pump systems.
  2. If you carry out your own survey, you’re in a great position. You can now send your independent report to engineers who you wish to quote for work. 

Here is what can happen when 3 different types of engineers look at your independent report:

The Cowboy

When the cowboy looks at your report, they’ll likely think “what on earth is this all about!” and immediately walk away from the job. This is great news for you and for the heating industry. The less cowboys doing work the better!

A Good Engineer

A good engineer is up-to-date with good practices. When this engineer looks, at the report they may think “Wow, this is fantastic. I’ve some useful information about the home’s heating system and I will have an educated customer who appreciates what I’m doing.” This is great for the customer as they have found someone who understands good practices quoting for the work.

A Conscientious Engineer

A conscientious engineer wants to do good work but might not be familiar with current good practices and low temp design. This engineer may think “This looks interesting and makes a lot of sense” Again, a customer now has an informed engineer quoting for the work.

Helping Good Engineers Stand Out and Win Trusting Customers 

Using RHOST in a customer’s home shows professionalism.

  • You can show customers different outputs of radiators to help them understand more about low temperature heating design
  • You can involve customers by having them take images of radiators themselves – this helps build that trusting relationship which is so important between an engineer and customers. You can even have them conduct the survey themselves when they first make contact
  • The independent report highlights current good practices within the heating industry and demonstrates to the customer you already know them  

Helping Engineers and Customers Understand Current Best Practices

Hundreds of manufacturers compete in a very crowded UK heating market. The UK even had the world’s largest gas boiler sales till 2016. Such competition and enthusiasm for sales unfortunately meant important principles of engineering were forgotten. Engineers are constantly bombarded with marketing material which often has nothing to do with good engineering practice. Social media has helped some engineers bypass such marketing and they’ve been discussing good engineering principles. RHOST’s report not only identifies radiator power outputs, but also serves as a tool to help people understand the current good practices being adopted.