Digital Twin

Jouln draws from Oakhouse Software’s technical assets, software service capacity, and rich experience of delivering advanced technological solutions to global businesses at a large scale. Oakhouse Software’s past track record of pioneering the cloud software systems in the Oil Industry and applying Artificial Intelligence to aid in oil exploration means that Jouln has inherited and can take advantage of the technical excellence in technology research, product development, and serving the energy industry at scale. Oakhouse Software’s proprietary 3D Graphics technologies and its WISDOM for Digital Twins platform are licensed for use in Jouln to deliver powerful and cost-effective business services and operations.

3D scene of an area of London rendered in web browser with proprietary 3D engine, aerial LiDAR data and 3D models
Spatial and Temporal Network Emulation and Prediction (SATNEP)


Spatial and Temporal Network Emulation and Prediction.


Web Immersive Smart Data Organizer and Modeler.

3D Dynamic Data Visualisation showing Sensitivity Analysis of Financial Modeling
WISDOM for Digital Twin, with 3D GIS, AI, Immersive VR, backed by Big Data and High Performance Computing